Please reach out to your APL coach if you have any questions about the Summit training days and the related materials.

There are Four Videos Below: Day One Part One, Day One Part Two, Day Two Part One, Day Two Part Two

The downloads for materials related to the training days are at the end of this page below the videos. 

Summit Day One Part One - 'A+' Leader Virtual Summit: Mastermind Day

Summit Day One Part Two - 'A+' Leader Virtual Summit: Mastermind Day

Day Two Part One - Training Day with Annie

Day Two Part Two - Training Day with Annie​

Resources For Summit Days

Leadership Exercise for both days:

APL Leadership Scripts referenced in Summit Training

PDF of Keynote Slides (great as notes and reference for key teaching points)

Day One Deck – Mastermind / training day with Barbara and Heather
Day Two Deck – Training Day with Annie, Barbara and Heather

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